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The Education and Research Foundation, founded in 1969 for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging has spent the better part of the last decade creating new partnerships in order to address perhaps the most emerging need for the future of the field, a growing void in funding pilot research.  Grant funding outside of ERF is at an all-time low because of budget cuts within both federal agencies and private institutions.  This lack of funding jeopardizes innovation which has a direct impact on the advancement of improved diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Additionally, it poses a real threat to the talent pipeline of the field. 


Dr. Michael J. Welch was an early recipient ERF’s Cassen Prize—the field’s highest honor.  Upon his passing, we began partnering with the Dr. Michael J. Welch Foundation who permanently endowed the Dr. Michael J. Welch Award.  We now turn in a new direction by supporting the partnership between SRS and The Michael J. Welch Foundation.


The ERF is proud to have provided more grants to the Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences than any other organization to date.  We couldn’t be more pleased to be the charitable home of this exciting new initiative with two of our most enduring industry partners.  


Our promise to you as the foundation that will hold and administer your charitable dollars is simple: the ERF will continue to faithfully perform its primary fiduciary duty to donors with its commitment to stewardship and financial integrity.  We will ensure that our donors’ gifts are invested carefully and spent wisely to honor donor wishes—and in accordance with the ERF’s mission—to navigate a new path for the art and science of imaging and therapy. 

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